The province is working on a strategy for the storm-battered Dominion Beach, and included residents by asking them to fill out a survey on the beach's future.

The survey, was open to residents for a few weeks in November and is part of a long-term management plan at the Department of Natural Resources.

DNR said it received more than 1,000 responses.

Last December, a storm battered the beach. The beach had reopened last summer after $100,000 in repairs from an earlier storm.

The beach, a provincial park about 13 kilometres from Sydney, had opened on July 1, 2010, after being closed for five years because of sewage contamination. A $20-million sewage treatment plant was built to fix the problem.

"The importance of the survey is to find out from the residents what they want that beach to look like, what they want to use it for and all the different attractions you can build around that infrastructure," said Deputy Premier Frank Corbett.

Joe Ellsworth, who is on a citizens committee for the beach, said the survey gave residents an opportunity to express their very serious concern about the condition of the beach.

"They ask a tremendous amount of questions onto it [such as] what the people are using it for. It gives you a little bit of a lift, knowing at least that they're interested in preserving what we have now," Ellsworth said.

Donnie Campbell is a former deputy mayor of the town of Dominion and said the survey gave him a voice in the process.

"I pretty well went in for the walking part, for the recreation part of it, there's a lot of older people that come over here, I think you're going to get a lot of that on the surveys," Campbell said.

At one time, Dominion Beach was the second most popular beach in the province, with tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The provincial government expects to release the results of the survey in the new year.

It's expected that the management plan will be rolled out in the spring.