A group calling itself 'Friends of Mount Sima' packed Whitehorse city hall Monday in a bid to cancel plans to close the mountain to skiing this year. 

The popular ski location was closed in July when the city decided it couldn't deal with rising debts any more.

But a group of local activists are mobilizing to keep access to the mountain open.

They say they have already secured 800 pledges from people willing to buy season's passes. And they've raised an additional $85,000 in donations and sponsorships.

"The request that we make today reflects the actions and desires of a new and growing community group," said Laurie Henderson, one of the group's members."People have come together to put Sima on a new footing. Not only is this what council says it needed to see, it represents a real change."


Local Whitehorse residents are rallying to save Mt. Sima for skiers.

Aiden Allen of the Yukon Free Style Ski team said the mountain is key to athletes preparation. Last year, the team made it to the Junior Nationals.

"We are all training now for the 2015 Canada Games and without Mount Sima we just won't be able to train. It'll be too expensive to travel outside for training," he said.

The ski society is asking the city for $200,000  to keep the ski hill open this winter. City Council will vote on the request next week.