The Whitehorse trial of a man accused of attempted murder began Wednesday with bizarre testimony that the accused threw a chainsaw and large piece of deer meat on to the highway to try to slow down police who were chasing him.

The trial is for Chris Cornell, 31, who is charged with trying to kill the police officers that pursued him in a high speed chase up the Alaska Highway two years ago.


Madley's was the site of a robbery in 2011. (CBC)

An employee at Madley's General Store in Haines Junction testified Wednesday he was surprised by two intruders inside the store early one September morning in 2011.

Frank Parent says his nose was broken by a punch and bear spray was shot directly into his face. He testified the intruders were still trying to load the store's safe into their vehicle when he called police.

A deputy conservation officer, who was assisting an RCMP officer on another call, says when they showed up the suspects took off. He testified that during the ensuing high speed chase, the suspects threw a chainsaw and a large piece of deer meet onto the highway to try and slow the police down.

He says the chase ended when the window on the police cruiser shattered, injuring the officer.

The trial for Christopher Cornell continues.