A Pelly Crossing, Yukon woman is in hospital in Whitehorse after being found outside unconscious in freezing temperatures.

RCMP in Pelly Crossing say the intoxicated woman was found early Tuesday morning. Cpl. Josh Wiese said a neighbour heard the woman calling for help.

Weise said it's not known how long the woman was outside before being found but he says police got the call at around 3 a.m. The temperature was -36C at the time.

He said it appears the woman was trying to climb over a fence, fell, and passed out.

Weise said she suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries. He says people need to be aware of the dangers associated with winter conditions. 

"Try to travel with somebody else if you're that intoxicated, or if you know somebody's intoxicated, try to help that person, get them somewhere where it's warm and safe," he said. "If somebody's at this point of intoxication, they might not understand how cold it is."

Last weekend, a 24-year-old Whitehorse man was found in the bush near McLean Lake Road. The temperature was around -30C that night. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.