The much-loved Whitehorse eagle-cam has been shut off after the family of bald eagles that used the nest the camera was aimed at moved across the road.

Last year, the eagle-cam site logged over a million visitors who watched as the bald eagles raised three eaglets.

Laura Carlson, spokesperson for Yukon Electrical, which managed the eagle-cam, says without the eagles, there was no point in having the camera.

"As of about three weeks ago we discovered that they started to build a new nest across the street from the existing nest," she said.

"So unfortunately they are no longer residing in the nest with the camera on it and there's not a whole lot to be watched at this point."

Carlson adds that it's typical for eagles to set up a few nests. She says the old nest and the new one are in the eagle family's territory, so its unlikely a new eagle couple will move in.

Yukon Electrical hopes the eagles will return to the old nest next year and the camera can be turned back on.