Haines Junction veterinarian Michelle Oakley is about to become the star of her own reality TV show.

The first episode of Doctor Oakley, Yukon Vet premieres on National Geographic Channel on April 12. Over the course of the episodes she treats eagles, muskox, caribou, sled dogs, a cow and a yak, just to name a few animals.

Oakley says she initially only agreed to do one episode, but it turned into six. The producers are so pleased with what they got, they're returning to Haines Junction to shoot more episodes. 

Oakley says the best part about being in the show is the opportunity to show the work of other Yukoners.

"That's been the most fun, sharing those people and those animals from the Yukon that I work with," she says. "People have been interested in being a part of it and they have such cool stories or animals have amazing stories, so that's been really fun to share that with everyone."

Oakley's work with the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines, Alaska, are also featured in the show. 

The show has meant a lot of travel, which she says has thrown her vet work off schedule. Oakley is heading to New York next week to promote the show on Fox and Friends and The Today Show.