Results from a tourism survey show the number of visitors to Yukon has increased by 25 per cent in the last decade.

The Department of Tourism surveyed almost 4,000 tourists last year, most coming from Canada, Germany and the United States.

Experts said tourists visit the territory mostly for wildlife viewing and because they have an interest in Gold Rush history.

Neil Hartling, owner of Canadian River Expeditions and president of the Tourism Industry Association, said the increased tourism numbers are proof the territory has been successful with its advertising.

"We're doing a very strategic and accurate job in the marketplace and what the market is looking for and slowly changing to is what the Yukon has to offer," he said.

"We're the envy of most jurisdictions because in most jurisdictions, tourism has actually declined."

Hartling has noticed more tourists looking for high-end adventure trips â€” and they're willing to pay the extra expense. Visitors are spending $200 million per year in the Yukon.

Mike Nixon, Tourism Minister for Yukon, said the high numbers mean the government is properly marketing Yukon.

"Instead of doing a broad, broad campaign… we tend to narrow in on the markets that will be the best return for us."

The Yukon Government said the data will help maximize tourism revenue in the future.