The Yukon Government is going to court to straighten out ownership of the Teslin baseball diamond.

The Village of Teslin has leased the land from the government for almost 10 years but government lawyers now say the land was mistakenly expropriated from the Teslin Post Indian Reserve.

In 1930, the land in question was part of the reserve. During the Second World War, some of the land was taken by the federal government for highway and airport construction.

Land titles were all re-confirmed 20 years ago through land claim agreements, and again 10 years ago when Ottawa transferred control to the Yukon Government. When the Village of Teslin asked to build a baseball diamond on the land, the Yukon government signed a five-year lease.

Recently lawyers discovered the field should never have been expropriated from First Nation reserve lands in the first place and that it was erroneously claimed by government.

Government lawyers have now filed a binder of documents and maps, asking a Yukon Supreme Court judge to allow for a transfer of title.