The Yukon Government says it will comply with a court ruling ordering consultation with a First Nation before mining claims can be registered.

The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the territory’s request to appeal a lower court decision that ordered government to change the way mining claims are registered on unsettled lands in Ross River Dena territory.

That ruling said the government must consult with the Ross River Dena before registering certain mineral claims on land that might affect the First Nation's traditional rights.

Tom Ullyett of the Yukon Department of Justice said today's Supreme Court of Canada decision to not hear the case means the Yukon Court of Appeal ruling stands.

"We are now getting tooled up to comply with that part of that decision and the government will not allow any staking in that area until the proper consultation has occurred with [Ross River Dena Council]."

The court ruling is of major concern for Yukon mining interests but the Yukon Chamber of Mines president said he believes the impasse is temporary and accommodations can be worked out with the Ross River Dena Council.