Yukon to allow hunters as young as 12

Yukon's Wildlife Regulations have been changed after two years of consultations

Government also waives fee for wolf tags, gives more power to environment minister

Yukon has changed its hunting rules to allow twelve and thirteen year olds to hunt under an adult's permit.

The change is one of 13 amendments to the territory's Wildlife Regulations reached after two years of consultations.  

Gord Zealand is Executive Director of the Yukon Fish and Game Association and supports the lowering of the age requirement.

"We're big on the opportunity for kids to be allowed in the outdoors and it allows that opportunity," he said. 

Other changes include removing the fee for wolf tags,  allowing the environment minister to vary bag limits and the hunting season. 

Nancy Campbell is a spokesperson with Environment Yukon. She says the new policy will give the government a faster response time when adjusting wolf hunting limits.

"It takes place fairly quickly once the scientific information is in, rather than taking another year or eighteen months," she said. 

Other changes include lowering elk hunting fees and introducing a special guiding provision for bison hunting. 

Most amendments will come into effect this April and special guiding of bison will begin in 2016.