Yukon thief used stolen car during dangerous chase

A Whitehorse man who tried to kill police officers after robbing a grocery store has also been convicted for stealing a car.

Man convicted of attempted murder also convicted of stealing vehicle

A new conviction has been added to the criminal record of Chris Cornell, a Whitehorse man already convicted of trying to kill police officers during a robbery.

On January 17 he was found guilty of using a stolen vehicle in connection with the violent holdup in Haines Junction, Yukon.

He was sentenced to 14 months in jail for that crime. 

While he has already been convicted of attempted murder, Cornell has yet to be sentenced for shooting at police officers. 

That sentencing has been delayed until June.

Crown prosecutors argue that Cornell should be considered a "long-term offender," a legal status reserved for criminals likely to re-offend. The designation can lead to extra court conditions such as supervision for up to 10 years after release. 

Cornell was arrested in September of 2011 after the violent robbery. The court heard he assaulted the store janitor by peppering him with bear spray. He also shot at a police cruiser that pursued him up the Alaska Highway. The shots threatened the lives of both the driver and a passenger.

Cornell was arrested after the robbery and has been in custody ever since.