Yukon Supreme Court expands human rights ruling

Chief Justice Ron Veale upholds a sexual harassment finding by a human rights board and adds compensation.

The Yukon Supreme Court has ordered a Whitehorse businessman to pay compensation for sexual harassing a young female employee.

The ruling upholds a Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication conviction against Mark Hureau. The Board convicted him of sending inappropriate e-mails and text messages to Devon Hanson.

Chief Justice Ron Veale says the injury to Hanson was not trivial, and the adjudicators were wrong to deny her compensation.

• Both sides appeal Whitehorse sexual harassment ruling

He's ordered Hureau to pay $5,000 to compensate Hanson's loss of dignity. At the time, she was a teenager while Hureau, in his 40's, was her basketball coach and part time employer.    

Veale's ruling rejects all arguments by Hureau that his actions were misinterpreted.

It also names Hureau's employer, InterSport, as a guilty party.