Yukon shop gets egg-grader approved, sells out of eggs daily

A Whitehorse store is now certified to sell local eggs and they're proving to be a big seller. Farmer Robert's has already doubled egg sales and there are plans to double the number of local eggs again this winter.

'Our production should increase to 500 eggs per day in the next two months'

Samuel Martineau Dubois checks a local egg in the egg grading station to ensure quality at Farmer Robert's in Whitehorse (Cheryl Kawaja/CBC)

Local egg production in Whitehorse is ramping up now that the territory has an egg-grading station in operation.

The Farmer Robert's store set up the grading station earlier this year and in October it was certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

"Every day we're sold out. It lasts two hours and then we don't have any eggs left," said Samuel Martineau Dubois, while demonstrating how the grading machine works. 

Eggs tumble down the grading machine, illuminated by a bright light. The machine helps verify the quality of the eggs and sorts them into weight categories.

"We can see in this light if there is any little cracks," said Martineau Dubois.

Since it started selling local eggs, Farmer Robert's has already doubled its output to almost 200 eggs per day.

Still, the store can't keep up with demand, as eggs are sold almost as quickly as they go through the grading machine.

Owner Robert Ryan said he purchased 500 chickens this year, but they are not all producing yet. He has high hopes his egg business will continue to grow.

"Our production should increase to 500 eggs per day in the next two months," Ryan said.

He said the store also wants to grade and sell eggs from other local farmers. 


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