Yukon's White River Chief, Charlie Eikland Jr., resigns

‘The main issue is that I am resigning because of an uncooperative atmosphere,’ says Charlie Eikland Jr., who won’t elaborate on what exactly has driven him to step down.

The chief of White River First Nation in Beaver Creek has resigned.

Charlie Eikland Jr. was elected in January 2012. Now he says he can't get the kind of cooperation he needs from the First Nation's council.

Eikland says he may consider rescinding his resignation, but unless he gets council's unanimous cooperation, he won't return as chief.

“I am willing to reconsider that position, but it will take a unanimous council decision to do that, to show that there is meaningful effort that we will work to resolving some of our issues,” Eikland says.

But Eikland wouldn’t elaborate on what exactly those issues are.

“Those issues are for White River to deal with and not to be broadcast in the media. The main issue is that I am resigning because of an uncooperative atmosphere.”

Eikland does say there have been problems dealing with contractors working for the First Nation.

He says his resignation is retroactive to the beginning of May.

For now, he says he'll be putting more time into his business interests in Destruction Bay.

An election has been called for White River First Nation's general assembly in August.