The owners of the Takhini Hot Springs near Whitehorse have decided on a whole new look for the facility. 

Gary Umbrich, the owner of the hot springs, has been working with the Yukon Business Development Program to re-design the hot pools.

He said right now, they’re working on a business plan to move the project forward. They’re also working with Vancouver-based Broadway Architects.


Gary Umbrich, the owner of the hot springs, said they're bringing in an expert in building hot springs to help with the re-vamp.

The new pool will look more like the Liard hot springs and have a more natural look. Umbrich said he’s working with expert builder Mike Satu on the new design.

"Mike is considered the foremost expert in North America on hot springs. He's visited over 100 hot springs in Canada, over 100 hot springs in the United States and over 700 hot springs in Japan," said Umbrich.

The new pools will be built in a different location, which means the existing pools will remain open during construction.

The new pool is scheduled to open in May 2016.

Group to run retreat centre

The National Outdoor Leadership School has signed a long-term lease to take over the Takhini Hot Springs retreat centre.

The Wilderness leadership school teaches month long outdoor courses to people of all ages. It will take over the centre, which is about 30 kilometres from Whitehorse, this fall.

"It's an excellent fit for Takhini Hot Springs. You know, as an outdoor educational campus they are able to use the facilities at hot springs valley retreat without hardly any alterations or modifications and the setting is just perfect for them," said Gary Umbrich, the owner of the hot springs.

Umbrich says nothing will change at Takhini Hot Springs except there will be fewer accommodations because the cabins will be used to house students.