The Kaska Dena of southeast Yukon have signed a mineral exploration agreement with the Golden Predator group.

The deal means the Ross River Dena Council and the Liard First Nation will support the company's exploration projects within the Kaska traditional territory.


Liard McMillan, chief of the Liard First Nation, says mineral exploration is still welcome in Kaska territory as long as companies have the Kaska's consent. (CBC)

Liard McMillan, chief of the Liard First Nation, said although the Kaska have issued a moratorium on mineral development, he said industry is still welcome as long as it goes through the Kaska.

"The definition of the moratorium is that no development will happen without Kaska's consent," he said.

"So the message to industry is that Kaska are still wanting to do business with industry but come to us first, at the beginning of the project, and engage with us early. Respect the fact that the Kaska are another level of government and that we have unsurrendered aboriginal rights and title."

McMillan said the deal includes arrangements for equity sharing, the establishment of a community fund and an agreement for training and jobs.

He said when it comes to oil and gas, though, the Kaska territory is off limits to any development.