The Yukon government has begun posting the results of health inspections of a variety of businesses, including restaurants, salons, fitness centres and tattoo parlours, on the website of its Health and Social Services department

The website does not publish the full results of inspections, only infractions.

"We've had lots of requests from the public," said Benton Foster, the Yukon's manager of environmental health services. "It's something that's done in many other jurisdictions. So people get used to having this type of information made available to them."

Foster cautioned the public against basing their impressions of establishments on single infractions.

"Most of the time establishments are making the required changes as soon as they can," he said.

Foster said if inspectors find a risk to people's health, the business will be closed. Those closures will be listed on the website.

A 2014 news release about the initiative said all inspections of child care providers "will be performed using an electronic system that will both record results and issue reports."

But the government says it hasn't decided yet whether to post the results of inspections of child care providers online . 

The only territory without some type of online health inspection site is Nunavut. The N.W.T. site devoted to inspections of restaurants can be viewed here.