The Court of Appeal has denied Yukon federal prosecutors' requests to appeal in a case against two violent offenders.

The court says the prosecutors took too long to prepare the appeals.

Two Yukon men, Kevin Frisch and Corey Pope, were both convicted last spring for violent unprovoked assaults. Pope hospitalized an elderly doctor in Destruction Bay, and Frisch beat an innocent cab driver unconscious in a drunken brawl.

Both men were sentenced to three months in jail plus probation.

Crown prosecutors maintain both men deserved at least year in jail, and they appealed.

By the time the appeals made it to court last month, both men had already served their sentences and were six months into their probation.

In its ruling, the Court of Appeal said Yukon prosecutors have been warned before about taking too long to file appeals. It offered no opinion on the merits of the two appeals.

The court said only in special circumstances will it consider putting people back in jail after they have served their time.  

Both appeals were denied as prosecutors could offer no excuse for the delays.