Yukoners are calling for a hike in refund rates for beverage containers they recycle.

Consumers pay a 10-cent surcharge when the buy a product, and get a five-cent refund when it's returned.

Centres like P & M Recycling in Whitehorse get the difference for properly handling and processing the containers. But it's just pennies a can, and there hasn't been a raise in 20 years. Some say that needs to change.

"Anything would help," said Pat McInroy of P & M Recycling.

"[An additional] nickel onto every beverage container, if that were the case and that's what they want to do, then I would think we would see higher recycling rates. So we would get more money in because every product would have more value."

There are still no fees — or refunds — involved for handling milk and dozens of other single-use containers. It's forced the Yukon Government to increase subsidies and community groups to rely on volunteers, in order to encourage the recycling of those items.

"They voluntarily handle...the non-refundable recyclables, like your yogurt containers, your milk containers, you know, your pickle jars," said Joy Snyder with Raven Recycling in Whitehorse. "You know, you need to support them as well. And I know that an increase...would go a long way...to help these people."