The husband of a woman who claims two off-duty RCMP officers sexually assaulted her has told a Yukon Supreme Court judge that he regrets not accompanying his wife to the party where she met the officers.

The woman, who cannot be identified because of a publication ban, claims that constables Shawn McLaughlin, 33, and Graham Belak, 30, attacked her in the southern Yukon town of Watson Lake last year.

At Belak and McLaughlin's trial, taking place this week in Whitehorse, court has heard that the woman was seen leaving a house party with the two off-duty officers early on March 8, 2009.

The woman later told medical staff that they went back to Belak's place, where Belak allegedly raped her while McLaughlin held her arms down.

On the stand Tuesday morning, the woman's husband said he deeply regrets not going to the house party with her on the evening of March 7, instead staying home to watch sports on television.

Strong attraction noticed

Two witnesses from the party testified that they noticed a strong attraction between the woman and McLaughlin, even though both of them are married.

Sean Walsh, who hosted the party, told court on Monday that McLaughlin and the woman stayed close to each other for most of the evening.

At one point, they were seen staring into each other's eyes while the woman acted seductively, Walsh said.

When the woman left the party with McLaughlin and Belak, Walsh said he figured they were grown up and their actions were up to them.

Watson Lake RCMP Const. Louis Allain, who was also off-duty and at the party, testified that McLaughlin invited the woman along as he and Belak went to Belak's house.

Discrepancies in allegations

But Walsh said on the morning of March 9, the woman told him that Belak had raped her, although she did not think McLaughlin had done anything.

Walsh said the woman told him that she was interested in McLaughlin, not Belak.

Later that morning, the woman told others that McLaughlin had held her arms down while Belak assaulted her. Walsh said he was concerned about discrepancies in the woman's allegations.

The woman's husband testified that both he and his wife often flirted with other people when they went out, but he said he almost lost his mind when local RCMP officials told him about the alleged incident.

Police also advised the husband not to get involved with the investigation, he said.

Justice Leigh Gower is expected to continue hearing the case this week. Belak and McLaughlin have elected to be tried by judge alone, as opposed to judge and jury.