Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie says he is 'way too busy' as premier and isn't interested in the Senate. ((CBC News))

Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie says there's no truth to suggestions he's in line to be the territory's new senator when appointments are made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper later this month.

"I would not accept the appointment at all," Fentie told CBC News Thursday. "I'm way too busy with my responsibilities as premier of the territory."

Besides, he said, he is not a fan of the Senate.

Although Fentie's government was asked to identify potential candidates by Harper, the premier said he has not been involved with the search.

The Yukon's only Senate seat has been empty since Liberal-appointee Ione Christensen resigned two years ago.

Although Harper had promised new senators would be elected, Fentie has always preferred an appointment for the Yukon seat, saying it would be faster.

Liberal MLA Gary McRobb, who wanted Yukoners to choose the next senator, said Fentie's opposition may be tied to a personal interest in the job.

"Maybe he feels they shouldn't be elected for self-serving reasons," McRobb said.

No date for the Senate appointments was given by Harper's office Thursday.

Opposition parties and constitutional experts say Harper should not be making Senate appointments given his minority government's tenuous hold on power.