Yukoners’ electric bills will be going up again Monday after the Yukon Utilities Board approved a rate increase for the Yukon Energy Corporation.

The corporation generates electricity for most of the territory.

The Utilities Board didn't approve as large an increase as the Yukon Energy was looking for. The corporation applied for a 13 per cent increase; the board granted 11.01 per cent. 

Since Yukon Energy was granted an interim 6.4 per cent increase July 1, 2012 and a further 3.75 per cent interim increase in January 2013, rates will go up another 0.86 per cent on July 1.

With the total rate increase, a homeowner who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy a month, which is typical, will pay $136.76. Last year, the same energy usage would have cost just over $118.

Also, Yukon Electrical, which distributes power through the Yukon, is applying for its own rate increase. It wants an 11.6 per cent over three years. But it is asking for an interim increase of 6.5 per cent effective Monday.