Yukon politicians are heading home for the summer after passing a billion dollar spending plan Thursday.

The Yukon Party used its majority to pass its spending plan in the final hours of the session. Liberal MLA Darius Elias noted most of that plan was never debated. 

"This house will authorize spending 70 per cent of the budget — that's $830 million — without fully examining these expenditures," Elias said. "Does the premier think this is adequate due diligence when it comes to spending Yukoners’ money?"

Premier Darrell Pasloski said he blames opposition politicians for not budgeting their time wisely. However, he said the debate was an improvement over last year and he said politicians were able to agree on things like changes to the ombudsman's office and some minor changes to the Liquor Act and land titles regulations.

"Ten unanimous votes, the passage of a private member’s bill … there have been a lot of areas where we have really worked well together," Pasloski said.

Opposition politicians said the government has left important issues, such as the Peel River land use plan and oil burner regulations, dangling.