Yukon Party officials are refusing to answer whether they will support the Peel Watershed Commission’s report that recommended 80 per cent of the area be protected from development.

Yukon party leader Darrell Pasloski will not talk about the party’s position regarding the commission’s final report from July  but would only say that he agrees "in principle" with protection for the wilderness of the peel.

"My answer to that is we haven't finished that process and we have to be able to follow it through," Pasloski said. "I think that to be able to comment and to state what we are going to do while we haven’t completed the process is not being a responsible lead or responsible government."

Pasloski noted there is still one more round of consultation to go before the plan can be finalized.

Leading up to the election many people, including many from First Nations communities, said they would like to know the party’s stance on the commission's recommended plan.

Pasloski reproached other party’s who have made their stance known at this early date.

"For those groups or parties who came out a long time ago already with their decisions....I guess we have to question what type of leadership that is."

The recommendation had sparked a debate between Yukon miners and environmentalists during the summer about the future of the watershed, which encompasses about 67,000 square kilometres of land.