Yukon Party boat cruise draws ire in legislature

Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski is accused of using taxpayers’ money to subsidize a political fundraiser in Vancouver during the Mineral Roundup convention in January.

Flyer promised a gourmet dinner and chance to connect with premier, two cabinet ministers for $300

Yukon Party boat cruise draws ire in legislature 1:19

Yukon premier Darrell Pasloski is accused of using taxpayers money to subsidize a political fundraiser in Vancouver.

In one of the first issues raised in the new session of the Yukon Legislature, Liberal leader Sandy Silver asked about a fundraising dinner cruise during the Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver in January.

The Yukon Party invitation tells people that for $300, they'll get a gourmet dinner and a chance to connect with the premier and the two cabinet ministers, Currie Dixon and Scott Kent.

Silver says it was a bad use of the premier's time on a taxpayer funded trip.

“The purpose of the trip to Vancouver was to promote the Yukon as a place to do business, not to promote the Yukon Party.”

Silver adds the premier is selling access that some Yukoners might never get, and says they should have been promoting Yukon's ailing mining industry instead of themselves.

“The premier and his ministers were supposed to be spending their time trying to reverse this trend. Instead they spent their time flogging tickets to this exclusive event and floating around the harbour in a yacht raising money for their re-election.”

Pasloski however says the Yukon delegation worked hard on the trip and have nothing to apologize for.

“We're not on 24/7, and there is an opportunity for personal time when we are in Vancouver and that, Mr Speaker, is not unheard of at all.”

The government spokesperson adds ministers will soon start releasing their travel expenses so people can see they're not spending public money on personal time.