Parents and school council members in Pelly Crossing, Yukon, are angry that the school replaced the principal, without consulting the community. 

The Eliza Van Bibber School has gone through several principals in the last few years. Last week, it lost yet another one when Keith Clarke was transferred without warning.

Parent Janie Lee Silas was shocked.


About 300 people live in the community of Pelly Crossing, Yukon. (Google)

"People are not going to work in that school if they think that every time they turn around, somebody's going to be gunning for them, or they're going to be ushered out of the community," said Silas.

Kevin Nelson sits on school council. He said some members of the Selkirk First Nation called the education department, saying Clarke had abused students - allegations which Nelson said could not be substantiated.

"You can't keep bringing allegations about the guy beating students and stuff and the teachers are saying ‘he's not doing a thing’, and the First Nations people that are working there are saying, ‘everything's going great’," said Nelson.

Nelson said Clarke was well-liked by the staff, students and parents.

He said the community felt blindsided when Clarke was transferred without any consultation. Nelson said the high turnover of principals is especially damaging to students who need consistency in their lives.

Nelson wants the Yukon Department of Education to explain to the people of Pelly Crossing exactly what happened.