The Yukon NDP leader is calling on the Yukon government to show leadership to address the shortage of family doctors in the territory.

Liz Hanson said many people in Whitehorse are stranded without a physician, with six doctors retiring or moving away.

She said it's Health Minister Doug Graham's responsibility to find replacements or provide alternatives.


Liz Hanson, the leader of the NDP in Yukon, said the government isn't doing enough to address the shortage of family doctors in the territory. (CBC)

"I'd say you've got all the capacity, you just haven't demonstrated that you've got the will to do it. You can do it - but you're just not showing us how you're doing it," said Hanson.

Graham said he is working on a solution. He said that while there are currently 57 family doctors in the territory, not all of them work full time.

Graham added that more are on the way.

"There is another doctor coming in at the end of this month, at the end of August, and we have a line on a couple of others. But it's not something that's going to be done overnight. We're bringing in the nurse practitioner regulations this month as well, so that will assist in at least carrying some of the load," he said.

Graham said his department has plans for a 'collaborative health clinic', like one that First Ministers endorsed at their meeting last week.

He added that two additional doctors would be hired directly by the Yukon government to staff such a clinic.