The Yukon Workers' Compensation Board is trying to recover almost $600,000 from a worker who made a fraudulent claim.

However, the board refuses to talk about the case or say how it plans to recover the money.

While the board also refuses to name the man, Yukon Supreme Court documents identify him as Ashley Byblow.


A certificate filed last week in Yukon Supreme Court says Ashley Byblow owes the government nearly $600,000 for a fraudulent workers compensation claim. (Google Maps)

Nearly 20 years ago, Byblow was working as a surveyor's assistant when he fell and hurt his head. He has been collecting $90 a day tax-free ever since.

Two years ago, investigators went to Kelowna, B.C., to check on him. There, they concluded he was faking his injuries.

An appeal tribunal has now determined Byblow lied about his education, work history, and his military record.

BC Worksafe records show he had a history of filing questionable compensation claims before his Yukon accident.

A certificate filed in Yukon Supreme Court last week confirms Byblow is now on the hook for $594,000. There's a lien pending on his B.C. home, but compensation officials refuse to discuss the case.