Candidates named for Yukon municipal elections

The list of candidates who will be on the ballots for next month's municipal elections in Yukon is out. Yukoners vote for mayors and councillors on Oct. 15.

3 run for mayor in Whitehorse, Dawson City mayor acclaimed

Dawson City mayor Wayne Potoroka has been acclaimed to another term. ( Claudiane Samson/CBC)

The list of municipal election candidates for Yukon communities has been set, with some mayor and council seats uncontested, others hotly contested. The deadline for filing nomination papers was noon Thursday.

In Dawson City, Wayne Potoroka has been acclaimed to another term as mayor.

But in Whitehorse, it's a three-way race for mayor. Mandeep Sidhu and Wilf Carter are running to unseat Dan Curtis, who is seeking re-election.

Twenty-two people are running for the city's six council seats, some of whom rushed to meet today's nomination deadline. The candidates are: 

  • Louis Gagnon 
  • Philippe Praprotnick 
  • ​Roslyn Woodcock​
  • Patrick Singh
  • Cam Kos 
  • Micah Quinn
  • Jens Nielsen
  • George Arcand
  • Rob Fendrick
  • Jocelyn Curteanu
  • Serge Michaud
  • Dave Stockdale
  • Peter Jickling
  • Betty Irwin
  • Helen Geisler
  • Mike Travill​
  • Ken Giam
  • Samson Hartland
  • Dan Boyd
  • Francine Thivierge
  • Keith Ellert
  • Garth Brown

Community races

In Dawson City, five people are running for council's four seats. They are: Driss Adrao, Stephen Johnson, Jay Farr, Kyla MacArthur and Bill Kendrick.

In Watson Lake, two people are running for mayor: Justin Brown and Thomas Slager. Current mayor Richard Durocher is not seeking re-election.

Nine people are running for Watson Lake's four council seats: Wilfred Hogue, Daman Werrun, Andrew Shannon, Stacy Bauer, Charlie Crane, Brenda Leach, Brian Lund, Cynthia Kearns and Christopher Irvin.

In Haines Junction, mayor Mike Crawshay is seeking re-election, and is being challenged by the town's former C.A.O., Micheal Riseborough, who quit shortly into the last term.

Nine are running for council in Haines Junction: Thomas Eckervogt, Mike Evans, Jennifer McPhie, Bob Reich, Susan Smith, Bruce Sundbo, Evelyn Koh, Nataschaa Chatterton, and former mayor George Nassiopoulos who also quit in 2013, just days after Riseborough. 

In Carmacks, Lee Bodie and Robert Mayer are running for mayor, and 12 people are running for council: Pat McKenny, Morgan Douglas Alexander, Julie-Anne Abel, Helena Belanger, John Laughlin Jr., Doris Hansen, Kevin Unterschute, Calvin Charlie, Mike Vance, Tracy Burns, Robert Patles, and Tara Wheeler.

In Mayo, Scott Bolton is seeking re-election as mayor, running against Kris Pavlovich. Six are running for council: Richard (Dick) Ewing, Trevor Ellis, Ed Johnson, Nancy Hager, Joan Aird, and Blair Andre.

In Faro, Heather Campbell and Jack Bowers are running for mayor against the incumbent Deborah Carreau. Diana Rogerson, Lisa Snider, Kitty Sperling, Debra Edwards, Patrick McCracken, Ted Baker and Michel Dupont are running for council. 

In Teslin, Clara Jules has been acclaimed to another term as mayor and five people are running for four council seats: Trevor Sallis, Brad Stoneman, Denise Johnston, Gord Curran and Robin Smarch.

There are five wards in the hamlet of Mount Lorne, but only one will be contested. Four ward councillors have been acclaimed: Anne Gedrose for the Meadows, Bob Sharp for Cowley, Peter Carr for Kookatsoon, and Marie Anne Coderre for Robinson. Russ Knutson and Lisa Chevalier are both nominated in the Annie Lake ward.

Candidates have not yet been announced for the hamlet of Ibex Valley, and the South Klondike-Carcross, Marsh Lake and Tagish advisory councils.

Candidates for all Yukon's municipal elections have until Monday to withdraw their names, so the final ballot lists won't be finalized until then. Electors also have until Saturday to challenge any nominations.

Update: Christine O'Connor was originally listed as a candidate for Whitehorse city council, but she later withdrew her name, before the list was made final. 


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