Yukon RCMP ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yukon Mounties get doused Friday at an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (CBC)

Ten Yukon Mounties took the A-L-S ice bucket challenge in Whitehorse today.

The ice water dousing took place on the banks of the Yukon River at the S.S. Klondike stern wheeler.

       • Here is a link to the video on CBC North's Facebook page •

Dona Novecosky, the Whitehorse businesswoman who issued the challenge, promised to contribute $100 for each RCMP member who took it up, if they were wearing their Red Serge.

Ten Mounties stepped up and ten volunteers eagerly agreed to dump the buckets.

Novecosky was happy with how it all turned out.

"Well, it's a fundraiser and you might as well have some fun with it you know, things just start to snowball when you start talking, and they accepted it and I'm really happy about that and very proud of their crew." Novecosky said.

Cpl. Shawn Pollard, who accepted Novecosky's challenge, said the officers were happy to do it.

He in turn has challenged Whitehorse bylaw officers and territorial conservation officers to get wet in the fundraising effort.