Yukon leaders say they're ready to address issues at the national roundtable on missing and murdered indigenous women next week in Manitoba.

They've also promised to hold another family gathering for grieving Yukon families. 

Chief Doris Bill, regional co-chair, said last week's regional roundtable in Whitehorse was an opportunity for families of victims to talk to leaders directly. 

"I think that meant a great deal to many of them," she said. 

More than 70 families from across the North shared their stories of grief with the roundtable.

"We heard from family members about the lack of support, the isolation, the extreme compounded grieving that many of these families are facing," said Bill. 

The minister responsible for the Yukon women's directorate said there were a lot of difficult discussions. 

"Each of those stories have had a profound impact on each and every one of us," said co-chair Elaine Taylor. 

She said there are 39 missing or murdered indigenous women and girls from the Yukon. 

Bill said they've made a number of commitments for the national roundtable.  

"There are things you can do to improve community safety but nobody is having that conversation and that conversation needs to come out."