The president of the Yukon Medical Association is anxiously awaiting the launch of a new physician recruitment program.

The Yukon Government announced last November that they would be dedicating resources to physician recruitment and retention.


Dr. Rao Tadepalli, with the Yukon Medical Association, says the territory hasn't delivered on a promised plan to recruit more doctors. (CBC)

But Dr. Rao Tadepalli, the president of the Yukon Medical Association, said so far, there has been no evidence that's happening.

He said two more clinics in Whitehorse recently closed, and the time is now to bring more doctors North.

"We are eagerly waiting to see a program being launched. There hasn't been any aggressive recruitment so far, I mean on air, on an organized basis so we are waiting for the website to open, we are waiting for some actual trips to happen where people can go down to these recruitment fairs and meet the young doctors," he said.

Tadepalli said the biggest issue with recruitment is the fact that a lot of young doctors don't even know about the Yukon, something he said the recruitment program would address.

A Yukon Government spokesperson said they have hired someone to work on the program and the website will soon be launched.