Yukon man sentenced for accident that killed 16-year-old

David Magill was sentenced to 25 months imprisonment and two years probation Friday for a motor vehicle accident that killed 16-year-old passenger Katelynn Sterriah.

Passenger Katelynn Sterriah died when pick-up truck went into Pelly River

A Yukon man was sentenced to 25 months imprisonment and two years probation Friday for a motor vehicle accident near Ross River that killed a 16-year-old passenger.

David Magill, 25, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death.

Magill drove his vehicle with four passengers into the Pelly River near Ross River in July 2012. Magill and three passengers were able to get out and onto shore but 16-year-old Katelynn Sterriah was trapped inside the vehicle.

The court heard from family members of Sterriah. Her aunt told the court 'Her death was almost my death.'

Sterriah's father Michael Metcalfe said Katelynn was the warmth in his heart. 

The family is furious that Katelynn's best friend, a 17-year-old at the time, originally told police she was the driver to spare Magill a jail sentence.

Magill told the court he was sorry for laying blame and sorry for killing Sterriah.

The judge accepted a joint prosecution-defence submission. With credit for time spent in custody awaiting trial, Magill has 10 months left to serve.