Yukon man back home after kite-skiing across Antarctica

Devon McDiarmid and partner Stew Edge just completed an epic crossing of Antarctica.

Devon McDiamid just travelled more than 2,000 kilometres across the bottom of the world

Yukoner Devon McDiarmid recently travelled more than 2,000 kilometres across Antarctica. (Courtesy Devon McDiarmid)

Every time he comes back to Canada, it takes a little while for Yukoner Devon McDiarmid to readjust. 

"I kinda forgot about little things like the weather would be different," he said from Vancouver. "It's not freezing and snowing."

McDiarmid and partner Stew Edge just completed an epic crossing of Antarctica. First he and Edge and two others skied 900 kilometres from the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf on the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

Then, McDiarmid and Edge kite-skied from the South Pole to the Hercules Inlet, a distance of more than 1,100 kilometres, which they covered in nine and a half days. 

"We were ripping at some points, we had some areas of low wind and no wind, some whiteouts where we weren't moving at all ... so when we could kite, we gave 'er," McDiarmid said.

What was a surprise, he said, was how the winds carved jagged features into the snow, which tended to catch the kite lines. Not only that, but falling on them also hurts.

"It was a lot harder going than we expected. We're pretty beat up." he said. "You don't want to fall on it, and we did."

This was McDiarmid's fifth trip between the Antarctic coast and the pole. He has also crossed Greenland by kite-ski.

McDiarmid says he's not sure what his next adventure will be. 


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