A Yukon conservation biologist has found a species of dragonfly not previously seen in the territory.

Cameron Eckert found it during an early morning walk in Watson Lake. He said he captured what he thought were common whiteface dragonflies.

"I captured one and had a good look at it and I could see it wasn't a belted whiteface," he said.

It was a crimson-ringed whiteface, named because of a red ring around its abdomen.

Eckert said it was not alone.

"So right along the road there I had about 50 of them just basking in the sun," he said.

He was excited because the dragonfly is usually only spotted in central B.C.

"Oh, these are fantastic moments," he said.

"I mean this is what every biologist and ecologist and every naturalist or nature enthusiast looks forward to. We get to know the common and the regular species that occur around us. And then seeing a new dragonfly that I haven't seen before is a really exciting moment."

Eckert has been documenting dragonfly species since 2003. He said this brings the total number of dragonfly species in Yukon to 42.