Yukon's new laws meant to protect people from carbon monoxide poisoning are now in effect.

This makes Yukon the first jurisdiction in Canada to make carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in all residences in the territory.

That's good news to the Ontario based Hawkins-Gignac Foundation, which promotes carbon monoxide awareness and provides detectors to needy families.


Yukon has become the first jurisdiction in the country to make carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in homes. (istockphoto)

Its founder, John Gignac, was in Whitehorse for Thursday’s announcement.

"You've passed a bill that's going to save people in the Yukon, that's it, it's going to save people, there's no doubt in my mind and what's going to happen, it's going to resonate right across Canada, so not only are you helping people right across Yukon, you're going to help people right across Canada, and what better thing could you do," he said.

Gignac's niece, her husband, and their two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The legislation comes in the wake of the death of five people in a Whitehorse home last year. An investigation found many problems with the furnace in their home.