The Yukon government is continuing its efforts to warn Yukoners about the dangers of carbon monoxide with a new website.

The site outlines sources of carbon monoxide and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as well as tips to prevent and detect furnace and ventilation problems.

Two years ago, a poorly designed, poorly constructed and poorly maintained chimney finally plugged up completely — forcing carbon monoxide into a Whitehorse home, killing the five people inside, the family dog and even the house plants.

Last year, Yukon passed a law requiring every home with a fuel-burning appliance or attached garage to have a carbon monoxide detector.

But Lucie Nadeau with Yukon Chimney Sweeps says she still encounters too many dangerous situations.

"People are not feeling concerned about it, that is what we are finding going into a lot of houses in the Yukon," she says.

Nadeau said she hopes people look take a look at the website.