A Yukon Supreme Court judge wants time to think about a jail sentence for a woman facing a minimum five-year jail term for her role in a Haines Junction robbery two years ago.

Johnson and Chris Cornell were charged with robbing Madley's General Store, beating the shopkeeper, and injuring a police officer during an ensuing chase on the Alaska Highway.


Yukon Justice Leigh Gower says he'll be ready to sentence Jessica Johnson on Thursday afternoon.

On the eve of their trial in September, Johnson agreed to plead guilty if prosecutors dropped the attempted murder charges against her.

She has already served more than two years in jail, but she won't get credited for all her time served. Johnson earned an additional 10 month jail term when she was caught trying to pass drugs to Cornell in court.

At her sentencing hearing, Johnson said she was sorry and extremely ashamed for the harm she caused the community of Haines Junction.

In a statement read to the court, she apologized to the storekeeper who was beaten and pepper-sprayed, and the cop injured in the getaway.

She told the court drugs had become a big problem in her life. She says she was so high that night she remembers few details. She now says she is looking forward to the rehabilitation programming she'll get in prison.

Her lawyer says that at age 23, Johnson is too young to be given more than the minimum five-year sentence called for by law.

Crown prosecutors argue Johnson deserves a seven year sentence. They questioned the sincerity of her apology, pointing out Johnson is still in contact with her partner in crime, Chris Cornell. She has even legally changed her name to Cornell.

Johnson says that was a mistake, and she plans to reverse that name change.

Justice Leigh Gower says he'll be ready to sentence Johnson on Thursday afternoon.