Yukon's Department of Justice has confirmed that an inmate at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre is on a hunger strike.

Officials won't say how long the man has been refusing to eat.

Rob Riches, the assistant deputy minister of community justice, confirmed that an inmate who is awaiting trial has been refusing to eat solid food.

"He's choosing to consume liquids like tea, juice, tea with honey, kelp tea," said Riches. 

Riches said the man is being monitored four times a day by a nurse, and sees a doctor and psychiatrist regularly.

"He also has the right to refuse medical care and from time to time this person has refused to see medical care or even to have the most basic of health care."

Riches wouldn’t elaborate on the man's reasons for refusing to eat.

"From day to day we hear different things from this person, so it's hard for us to pin it down."   

Riches won't say how long the prisoner has been refusing solid food, but does say it’s longer than usual.

Mark McDiarmid is in the jail awaiting trial for attempted murder in connection with an incident in Dawson City in late 2011, where he was shot by the RCMP.

McDiarmid has told CBC News that he has not eaten solid food for several weeks now.