In the Yukon, the Idle No More movement chose not to participate with other First Nation groups across the country to set up blockades this week.

Instead, the organizers said they consulted with their elders and decided to hold a peaceful demonstration in the form of a prayer circle.

The members of Idle No More Yukon have been gathered at the Kwanlin Dun First Nation Potlatch House since Wednesday.

They have been praying for the safety of other First Nations people involved in the movement across the country.

Organizer Marilyn Jensen said she has been blown away by the amount of support the movement is receiving.

"It’s prophesized, a time of awakening, a time of transformation. Our people are so ready, you just see it. There's energy, there's fire, people are ready, some people are ready to die for our future," said Jensen.

Idle No More Yukon has held several demonstrations throughout the city. Last week, the group blocked a major downtown intersection to bring attention to First Nation issues.

Elder Doris McLean is part of the group, along with her children and grandchildren. She said they joined the movement because there is too much at stake for Mother Earth.

"You know just the other day you see pictures coming out of China, let’s say, and all the fog and the smog. You know, I was there in 1975 and I could hardly breathe as I was walking around there. And I can imagine what it’s like now. We don't want this country of ours to be so polluted that you can't breathe," said McLean.

The group has been praying to their ancestors asking them for guidance. They have also started a sacred fire, as a symbol of the energy and renewal burning within the group.