Two Yukon men have lost their hunting privileges and must pay several thousand dollars after admitting to a mishandled bison hunt. 

On June 21 two men appeared in court in Whitehorse. 

They told the court they accidently killed more bison than allowed and lied to conservation officers.

At the sentencing, the court heard how Upkar Dhillon fired numerous shots at some bison before realizing he had killed two animals and wounded another.

Dhillon then phoned a friend, Chris Bemister, who agreed to claim the second animal. However, the men were afraid to approach the second downed bison because it was being guarded by a wounded calf.

By the time Bemister and Dhillon found a third hunter to kill the calf the meat on the bison was spoiled.

Environment Yukon Conservation manager Kris Gustafson says it would have been easier if the hunters had admitted their initial mistake.

"Certainly I can tell you it has happened many times, where hunters have been involved in an unfortunate situation where a second animal is killed or something that wasn't legal was killed inadvertently. If everything is reported, the persons involved are usually dealt with in a manner that does not involve an appearance in court," he said.

In court on June 21 both men pleaded guilty to making false statements.

Dhillon received a five-year hunting ban and seven thousand dollar fine.

Bemister must pay two thousand dollars and is banned from hunting for two years.