Yukon hunters fined $30K for illegal hunt

Two Yukoners and their out-of-territory cousins were fined $30,000 and banned from hunting in Yukon for 10 years after they pleaded guilty to hunting illegal.

Group posted photos of hunt online

A Yukon couple and their out-of-town relatives weren't getting any "likes" from local conservation officers after they posted photographs of their illegal hunting trip on a Facebook page.

More than $30,000 dollars in fines and 10-year hunting bans were handed down to them in territorial court Monday. 

The court heard Yukon residents Craig Vandenhoek and Andrea Schneider took their cousins Jeff and Greg Sereda hunting in 2011. Conservations officers were tipped off about possible offences after they posted photos online.

They shot two moose, a black bear and a grizzly bear. They wasted much of the moose meat and both bears were shot in no-hunting zones. The judge handed out the fines after an agreed statement of facts and guilty pleas were entered in court.

Many of the charges involved filing false statements and lying about what they had done. The judge said the hefty fines were warranted for the protection of precious wildlife resources. The judge said this family's conduct jeopardized a privilege Yukon hunters enjoy to act as guides for out-of-town friends and families.