The recently-elected president of the Yukon Humane Society has resigned.

Seann Springford stepped down two weeks ago for what he says are personal reasons. Vice-president Hoby Irwin has temporarily moved into the position.


Seann Springford, the recently-elected president of the Yukon Humane Society, stepped down two weeks ago for what he says are personal reasons. (CBC)

"I plan on being around for a little while until we can get this straightened away," Irwin said.

"Hopefully once the new AGM takes place and the financial crisis is over with, I'd like to step down and let somebody else be president. It's a lot of time commitment being president and there are a couple of other positions that are a lot of hard work for people. I just don't have all the free time I'd like to do that."

Irwin has promised to stay on until next month's annual general meeting.

Springford was voted president at a court-ordered board election in December after a lengthy fight for control of the animal shelter.

Irwin said the Mae Bachur animal shelter is still in limbo until the organization’s finances are figured out.

"Right now we have lost our financial status with the registrar because the past board did not submit audited financial statements on time and we are four months past the end date for that and basically we can't collect money now," Irwin said.

"Our major fundraising is through bingo and that gets us quite a bit of money and that generally pays the bills month to month. We're basically operating paycheque to paycheque, really scrambling to keep things going right now."

Irwin said he is hoping accountants will be able to figure out the books at the next board meeting. Until then the shelter is calling on the community to make donations to help keep the shelter open.