Investigators with the Yukon Government say they're extremely troubled by the financial records for the Yukon Humane Society in Whitehorse.

The Registrar of Societies says records are missing and financial statements are more than a year behind.

Fred Pretorius has set Friday as a deadline for an accounting of the records.

The damning report follows a six-month investigation into operations of the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter.


Jordi Jones, a past president of the humane society, says it's alarming to hear about the state of the society's finances. (CBC)

"It's very alarming. Like, what is it they are hiding? I'm past president of the Humane Society. I spent five years of blood, sweat and tears for that organization so I'm very familiar with the goings on and you need these financial statements to know where you stand. It's not just a matter of looking at a bank balance," said Jordi Jones, a former president of the Humane Society Yukon.

The Registrar's orders include re-instating members who have been banned from the Humane Society. Pretorious calls the rationale for excluding them "preposterous".

He has given the current board one month to hold a new election of directors.

The acting president, Shelley Cuthbert, said she will appeal the Registrar's ruling to Yukon Supreme Court.