A new round of hot and dry weather sparked numerous new forest fires across Yukon Territory this weekend, adding to a large one near Michie Lake that's visible all the way from Whitehorse.

Smoke from a fire at Michie Lake, approximately 40 kilometres east of Whitehorse, was very visible over the weekend.

"The fire is quite visible so we were getting a lot of public interest but the fortunate thing is that it isn't posing a direct threat," George Maratos of Yukon Wildfire Management said. "The closest threat is about nine kilometres away."

"That said, it will continue to be active and … quite visible so we just want the public to know that while you will be able to notice the fire from time to time, it's not posing a direct threat," Maratos said.

Maratos said the fire agency is monitoring the situation quite closely, as the forecast is expected to be hot and dry all week long, ideal conditions for forest fires.