A photographer outside Whitehorse recently had a scary encounter with a grizzly bear on Thursday, but wildlife officials are saying don't blame the bear.  

"We had a report that somebody had stopped along the highway, had seen a cub and grizzly bear, and started to approach them to take photographs," said David Bakica, a Yukon conservation officer. 

"Obviously, the sow got a little fed up and annoyed with what was happening, and did a 'bluff charge'. Thankfully, it was a bluff charge."

No injuries were reported after the encounter, according to Environment Yukon.

Bakica said a bluff charge is normal behaviour for a mother grizzly. He said the photographer should have known better. 

"I mean in this case, clearly it's the individual that's in the wrong. I feel like we shouldn't have to say this, but I do say it: don't approach bears." 

Bakica said the incident happened outside Whitehorse, but wouldn't say exactly where — he doesn't want more photographers rushing to the site to spot bears.

The incident alone isn't enough for Environment Yukon to consider relocating the bear or putting it down.