Yukon government responds to Ice Wireless 911 pitch

Ice Wireless wants to be involved in a new 911 service to rural Yukon communities, but the Yukon Government says it needs more information on the company’s proposal.

Yukon's Community Services Minister Brad Cathers says an Inuvik based company needs to provide more information if it wants to participate in providing 911 service to rural communities.

Ice Wireless says it could team up with the government using an existing service it already operates.

But Cathers says the government is already committed to an interim plan it's developed for calls for emergency services.

“Without actually having seen details from them about services they could provide or what they would expect to be paid for that and how the technical issues would be dealt with,” he says, “it would be premature for me to come to any conclusions on the merits of a proposal that we haven't yet seen.”

Cathers says the government still has to develop a plan for providing actual 911 service to rural communities.

He says a priority for some local leaders is that dispatch operators are familiar with the communities they're servicing.