Renovations at the Yukon government's main administration building should result in about $200,000 dollars in annual energy savings, according to a government spokesperson.

The $5.5 million project is now underway on the 40-year-old Whitehorse building, which houses the Legislative Assembly.

"The insulation and vapour barrier are poor by modern standards, both as a result of improved techniques for new buildings and due to degradation of the insulation over time," said Alicia Debrecini of the Department of Highways and Public Works.

"The old insulation is being removed," she said.

Yukon administration building insulation, and flag

Removing the siding from the building revealed colours matching the territory's flag. (CBC)

Siding has already been removed from the building, revealing blue, white and green material underneath — the colours of the Yukon flag. Debrecini is not sure why that is.

The building's footprint will expand slightly with the renovations. The exterior of the stairwell areas will be covered in new siding while the rest of the building will be covered with the original siding.

The renovation work is expected to be complete by June.