Yukon First Nations Party: Gerald Dickson

Dickson and party new to territorial politics.

The newly-formed Yukon First Nations Party is making history by running its first-ever candidates.

Leader Gerald Dickson is running in the riding of Kluane, formerly held by Liberal Gary McRobb. Its only other candidate, Carcross elder Stanley James, is vying for the Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes seat.

At his home in Burwash Landing, on the shores of Kluane Lake, Dickson mixes modern and traditional lifestyles. He says he can't imagine living anywhere else.

Dickson believes restoring traditional First Nation lifestyles and laws is important.  And only a First Nations party can truly represent these values, he says.

"No matter who they hire in the Liberal Party, the NDP or the Yukon Party, they're not going to speak on our behalf on traditional laws and stuff," Dickson said. "What I want to try to do is bring that respect onto the land and the water."

So far Dickson's campaign has consisted of just talking to people. He says this is just the beginning – creating awareness of traditional knowledge and interest in our spiritual beliefs and principles.

His daughter, Kluane Adamek, is proud her father has started this party. It should be ready to put forward a strong slate of candidates in the next territorial election, she says.

And one day she hopes it will form the Official Opposition. But she knows there is a lot of work that has to be done before that could ever happen.