Some people in Yukon say they felt two earthquakes shake the ground near their homes Wednesday night, after a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit yesterday morning near Haines, Alaska. 

Natural Resources Canada recorded a 4.9-magnitude earthquake at 10:37pm PDT and a separate 5.2-magnitude quake at 10:44pm PDT.

It says they were centred 70 kilometres west of Burwash Landing, Yukon.

Some people in Whitehorse felt tremors last night.

The first earthquake that hit in Alaska early yesterday morning scared many people in the Whitehorse area. 

β€œIt was like being on the lake and your boat was rocking,” said Tracy Harris, who lives near Lake Laberge just outside of Whitehorse. She felt her house shake and noticed water sloshing in her water tank.

There are no reported damages or injuries connected to any of the earthquake.